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Shareholder Discount

A shareholder discount voucher code, in the name of the first named, registered shareholder, can be used to obtain a 20% discount against all purchases at any one time on full price Energenie merchandise from our website


There is no limit on the value of goods through the website that can be purchased at any time. The voucher code expires on 30th June in the year after issue. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount voucher or offer.

To be eligible shareholders must be registered as holding 1,000 or more shares on 31st May. A discount voucher code will normally be sent to the registered address of shareholders during June. Initial discount codes will be issued in the week beginning 9th March 2015 to all shareholders on the register at admission.

Shareholders holding shares via a nominee or ISA accounts are also eligible, but must request the voucher through their nominee or ISA account manager. The account manager must email or write to Investor Relations, confirming the shareholder's name, address and the number of shares held on 31st May and 30th November of that year.

To request a discount code, please contact City & Merchant Ltd on 020 7101 7676, or email

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